Unleashing Your Greatest Potential Through Habits and Mindset Shifts

Unleashing Your Greatest Potential by Reconnecting (or connecting for the first time)

with your Higher Self, your Soul Purpose, and Building More Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem


Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM US Pacific Time

Attending our "Self-Mastery Live Workshop" can be a transformative experience that equips you with valuable insights and practical strategies to elevate your mindset and build more self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

During this workshop, you will get a comprehensive understanding of self-mastery and its direct impact on unleashing your greatest potential.

What You Will Learn and Develop During This Workshop:

Understand what is Self-Mastery:

  • Exercises and discussions designed to help you identify and shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset (by Dr. Carol S. Dweck) and develop your unique action plan to apply self-mastery principles in your life, focusing on areas such as self-awareness, self-compassion, success mindset, emotional intelligence, and communication.

Identify and Reverse Self-Limiting Beliefs and Patterns:

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and defense mechanisms

  • Reverse your self-sabotaging belief system

  • Understand the deeply rooted impact of your belief system in all the areas of your life

Implement a Growth Mindset:

  • Use a growth mindset (by Dr. Carol S. Dweck) to approach and solve all kinds of problems and difficulties in your life

  • Improve your decision-making process, with the use of feedback from real people, and with the support of AI

  • Continuously learn, implement, and improve yourself

10X your Goals and Clarify your short and long-term vision

  • Learn effective methods to set 10x goals

  • Create an expansive vision board

  • Develop your unique roadmap for success filled with inspired actions steps

reaching new heights

high trees picture from the perspective of the ground

Build resilience

  • Learn from failures, set healthy boundaries, and outgrow yourself

Clarify your vision

  • Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and why not

Increase self-confidence

  • Build self-assurance to take decisive action that is aligned with your values and your vision

Increase self-love

  • Put yourself first and feel that you are worthy of your love

  • Distinguish between narcissism, selfishness, self-centeredness, and a healthy dose of self-love

Nurture Emotional Resilience

  • Nurture emotional well-being proactively.

Improve your Performance

  • Develop positive habits for a successful and satisfying life

Live your Life Authentically

  • Live true to yourself, fearlessly, unapologetically

Develop more Self-Control and Discipline

  • Learn how to resist temptation by tapping into self-love and self-compassion, and becoming assertive toward yourself

Foster a Culture of Humility

  • With a healthy dose of self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem, foster and nurture humility, knowing that there is always someone who knows more than you do in every fields, and recognizing that we are always learning and improving ourselves.

Understand the Depth and Support of Self-Love

  • Love is patient, kind, humble, and not arrogant. Develop and nurture love toward yourself and by extension toward everything and everyone around you

This free LIVE workshop will inspire and empower you with the tools, mindset, and strategies to unlock your fullest potential, overcome challenges, and achieve greater success.

Secret #1: YOU

When you know yourself, your values, your identity, and your life vision, you become magnetic and unstoppable.

Secret #2: BELIEFS

Your belief system is your b.s.

You have the power to uplevel and reprogram your belief system.

Secret #3: MINDSET

Your brain is plastic and adapts itself to everything. Feed it a growth mindset, and it will deliver a growth mindset. Feed it a fixed mindset, and it will deliver a fixed mindset.


Your brain loves to achieve, it gives it a feel-good feeling of satisfaction. By setting s.m.a.r.t.t.s.s. goals you are setting yourself up for success.

Secret #5: HABITS

90% of your actions are driven by routine and habits based on your subconscious programming. By becoming aware of your habits, routines, and belief system, you empower yourself to build supportive and empowering habits and routines.

Secret #6: BALANCE

Balance and equilibrium is one of the cosmic laws of the universe, called the law of rhythm. Respect the rhythm of all life, and you will set yourself to accomplish more with less.

Secret #7: FAILURE

There is no such things as failure. By reframing the meaning you give to various events, you will empower yourself to unleash your greatest potential

Secret #8: ARCHITECT

If you need space, make space.

If you need time, make time.

If you need money, make money.

You are the creator and the architect of your life, act accordingly.

For whom is this self-mastery live workshop,

and for whom is it not?

This is for:

  • Women (and those who identify as women or non-binary) who are open to outgrow themselves.

  • Men (and those who identify as men or non-binary) who have integrated their masculine and feminine energies.

  • Those who want more from life, from themselves, and from their careers.

  • Those who would benefit from a reminder about the cosmic universal laws, and self-mastery of their humanity and spirituality.

  • Those who are open to discovering more about themselves and improve their habits, routines, and beliefs to better support their vision and values.

This is not for:

  • Women (and those who identify as women or non-binary) who think they have it all, and can't outgrow themselves.

  • Men (and those who identify as men or non-binary) who use their toxic masculinity to boss around others.

  • Those who are completely satisfied with where they are at with no desire to grow.

  • Those who already know it all, mastered it all, and want to prove everybody wrong.

  • Thow are do not want to discover more, and are set on their habits and routines with no intention to improve anything as they already have it all dialed down.

Who is leading this self-mastery live workshop?

Who will you learn from?

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Stepping Into the Energy of Success

Resilient | Impactful | Trailblazer

Gemma is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 28 years of experience in various disciplines related to business.

She is victorious over 15 years of domestic violence (beaten, put down, raped, almost killed twice by strangulation) in 2 different failed marriages, meaning that she knows firsthand that when the shadow work is not done, one attracts the same kind of situation all over again.

She published "Dream, Dare, Do. From Domestic Violence to the Mission to Help and Inspire Millions of Individuals to Step into the Energy of Success"

She was born and raised in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, and moved to the West coast of the United States in 2014, after having broken free from domestic violence, and after having met her third, last, and dream husband, Sascha Gorokhoff, who also is her business partner.

They are a true power couple.

Gemma Serenity has an extensive executive education, starting with accounting and tax laws, passing by economy, management, marketing, sales, negotiation, organizational change, and inner transformation by renowned universities such as IMD, MIT, NYU Mindfulness, Kellogg Northwestern University, Chicago Booth, and she is not done adding more certificates to her resume.

She also is a prolific artist in many fields. She loves to draw, paint, color and create needle artworks. She was professionally trained as a violinist until she was in her 20s, and expanded her perception and deep understanding of music with piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, as well as any instrument she can put her hands on. She is a gifted songwriter and composer, and never misses an opportunity to delight her entourage with an improvised music on the spot.

Sascha Gorokhoff

Making The Impossible Possible, Doable, and even Done!

Inspire | Lead | Achieve

Sascha Gorokhoff is an internationally acclaimed multilingual human potential, mindset shift and leadership expert. He is dedicated to helping others turn tragedy into triumph through his leadership journey teachings.

He is the author of "From Victim To Victory book series, Core Principles, A Leadership Journey" available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold and he also is an inspirational speaker who aims to empower, inspire, and uplift people worldwide to shift their mindsets and unlock their fullest potential.

Sascha was born and raised in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, from an American mother and a French father, with grandparents coming from Russia, Germany, Austria, and France.

He was born with the severe condition of spina bifida and was not expected to survive past age 7. Despite being told he would be mentally challenged and paralyzed from the waist down, he has defied the odds and accomplished everything the medical community told him cannot be done.

Sascha also was told at the age of 13 that he had kidneys of a 90 years old man, and that he was expected to live no more than 5 more years. He defied the odds again and regenerated his kidneys when it was strictly impossible according to the 1990s medical science books.

He also learned to master the mental insanity and instability of his mother who was believed to have borderline, narcissism, and hypochondria mental disorders. Until her suicide in 2013, she had a deadlock on him, threatening to kill herself and to cancel his health insurance knowing that in Europe pre-existing conditions are excluded from new health insurance contracts. He made the best out of this situation and closely studied her behavior for the subsequent 15 years.

These 34 years of constant psychological, mental and emotional abuse from his mother are an important part of his studies in psychology, behavioral change, and are the catalyst of his continuous interest and study of human behavior and mental disorders. He has always been helping, empowering, and inspiring those who are being crushed by narcissistic abuse or mental disorders of their relatives or closed ones, by clearly explaining in simple terms the predictability of their unstable behaviors and what they can do about it.

Sascha is dedicated to helping millions of people turn tragedy into triumph through his leadership journey teachings.